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“Together We Grow”.


WHY volleyball alliance?

Volleyball Alliance proudly stands as a member club of both the USA Volleyball (USAV) and the Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (CEVA).

Our belief is steadfast: Every child deserves the chance to hone skills that will empower them to shine and compete at interscholastic, regional, and national youth volleyball stages.

However, our vision goes beyond just volleyball. We recognize the importance of school sports and other extracurricular activities in shaping well-rounded individuals. It's these diverse experiences that help mold our young players into successful, holistic individuals, not just in volleyball but in life.

Everyone has different goals, and we acknowledge this individuality. We are committed to collaborating with players and their families, offering guidance and support tailored to their unique aspirations. Our intent is to help steer them toward success, in whatever form that resonates with them.

Our ultimate goal? A joyous experience. We aspire for our players to relish the game in a nurturing, safe, and familial atmosphere – a commitment deeply ingrained in our ethos and extended to players of all age brackets.

At Volleyball Alliance, our mission is to offer an uplifting, constructive, and memorable journey for players, coaches, and their families alike. We're not just about playing the game; we're about equipping each player with the necessary tools to flourish, both on the court and beyond.

CEVA Scholarships

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2023/23 Club Informational Meeting

2023/23 Club Informational Meeting

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